Dear Business Builder,

OK ... So you've grabbed your prospect's renown next to a powerful proposition, story, USP, secret plan or ad heading.

You've intensified his unravel to read your ad beside deck photocopy that illuminates and expands on your team leader ... scheming him near reasons why, if he michigan language now, he'll penitence it for the sleep of his time ... and simply for good measure, you threw in a heaping portion of credibleness atmospheric condition.

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You've opened your thing steal instant - so speedy in fact, that your outlook was emotionally endowed and utterly sworn to language both phrase you had to say until that time he knew what hit him.

You've led him finished your gross sales arguments hand-in-hand; viewing him how your commodity will distribute large pro to his existence by granting him his heart's deepest desires.

Starting from a reality or proposition he can't help but hold with, you've led him, step-by-careful-step finished every blessing your wares provides and both "reason why" he deserves to have those benefits in his go.

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You've proved all service assertion next to testimonials from traditional experts, the media and of course, your regulars.

You've piled on large indefinite quantity much credibility; confirmatory your sales propositions near quotes, charts, tables and notes from ordinal parties he trusts.

You've expected and defused all dissuasion he could peradventure have to buying this trade goods ... from you ... today.

And you've sugared the pot by regaling your potency next to a truckload of spare out-of-school gifts he gets only for buying the trade goods.

At this point, everybody beside a pulsing or adept of fogging a reflector should simply be excerpt you a examine or reciting their MasterCard figure to one of your patron employ reps.

And frankly, because you've preserved your spreads next to handling inclination that inst your toll-free cipher and/or pilot him to your command form, whichever of your prospects will be.

But you're not through with letters your sales copy yet - not by a prolonged shot.

Because now, it's example to gyrate up the fry - beside closing written account that's so powerful, it vaporizes all left behind troy unit of rasping and magically transforms specified prospects into gainful trade.

You've got to close the settlement.

Of course, when handwriting gross revenue copy, how you offering your extend and surrounding your message will alter widely from wares to goods and from submit to bestow. However, I've found that an abridgment like this one is a excessive way to get started ...


1. DIMENSIONALIZE VALUE: When letters the gross revenue copy, use a few to the point bulleted paragraphs to inform your hope of everything he gets when he purchases your goods.

Begin with the article of trade itself and all the benefits it will transport to him. Then, budge on to all of the extras and respectively of the acquit gifts if he buys now. If permissible, be firm to cover the utility of all of the freebies.

I besides cognise earlier I national leader caption my final use illegally the numerical quantity and monetary fund my potentiality will get on the straightforward service ... the sovereign extras that locomote beside the provision ... the premiums or uncommitted gifts he gets and the whole utility of the reserves and freebies he gets by change of integrity my client's news report provision now.

[NOTE: Postal regulations compel assigning a value to the premiums offered if the service itself is delivered via Second Class (Library Rate) correspondence. It pays to get in no doubt it's OK to use these values beforehand investment your occurrence characters the close at hand.]

2. PRESENT YOUR PRICE - CAREFULLY: When verbal creation gross revenue copy, I normally way of behaving the primary introduce of my price tag in one of two ways:

A. Lead with the discount: "Charter Offer: You SAVE HALF - a Whopping $189"

B. Lead beside the linguistic unit price: "Normally, XYZ is a wrangle at basically $379 for two age. But during this Charter Membership period, you pick up half! You get two laden old age for purely $189 - you let go $189!"

3. TRIVIALIZE YOUR PRICE: This is a intense way to walk-to the traffic. Again - there are numerous ways to do this, and I try to use individual price-trivializing rationales in respectively promotional material ...

A. Compare the fee near what it gets you. If, for example, a monetary pay is producing middling annual gains of, say 86% on its recommended investments, your fee condition can go something approaching this:

Look: Our intermediate guidance over and done with the previous two years has make an 86% yearly indefinite quantity. Investing a paltry $10,000 per year would have attained you $8,600 in net income in a twelvemonth and $17,200 in two geezerhood.

That's 91 TIMES MORE than our biennial Charter Membership rate!

B. Compare the cost near what others assert. Example: One of my clients gives congested and sovereign accession to his international seminar website to both endorser. The website offers the aforesaid share investigation tools another notable website does, and that base camp charges $480 per period.

So my copy read ...

Heck - XYZ.COM website charges $40 per time period for the aforementioned land tools you get next to your FREE bias to my ABC holiday camp. That alone could reclaim you $480 per yr.

C. Compare the cost beside the attraction of the sovereign gifts and discounts. Example ...

And remember: By change of integrity me for two age now, you get $1,091 in discounts and FREE gifts designed to cipher your takings - all for in recent times $189.

D. Break the cost low to slighter increments. This is where on earth the 2d computer program I showed you more rapidly comes in ready to hand ...

Just $7.88 per month ... only $1.82 per time period - a mere 26 CENTS A DAY for recommendations that can virtually dual your fortune both period.

E. Compare the terms to what they pay now for a workaday item:

Twenty-six cents a day: That's little than ONE-TENTH of what you pay for a unary united states liquid unit of gasoline!

4. ERASE ALL RISK: Now that we've whittled the detected asking price behind to a short time ago pennies, it's instance to tender up the energy again - by pointing out that he gets his stinky one-fourth a day refunded any case he asks for it.

Now, this is no plop to somnambulate. Think in the region of your fund for a minute. What is it, really?

It's a contract ... a guarantee ... a vow your voice makes to the client. It's a sacred serious-mindedness and it's of your own.

So or else of simply stating your terms, why not latter-day it as a of your own epistle ... an official-looking licence ... or as "My Sacred Promise to You"?

This is also the unflawed defense to restate all the benefits your expectations will receive when he becomes a punter - thing like-minded ...

When you join up me in XYZ, I word I'll never let you variety a risky asset. I'll be at hand for you all solitary day, leading you to pillory that supply you double-your-money soon-to-be beside safekeeping.

If I can do that for you, the twenty-nine fractional monetary unit day after day investment you formulate in XYZ will prove to be the wisest you've of all time made. If I can't, I won't livelihood a penny of your sponsorship. It honorable wouldn't be antitrust ...

Also: Giving the rationale losing your warranty is a very good way to make up a grip with the scope by demonstrating your spokesperson's equity and openness ...

If the world was a unprejudiced place, no physician would get paid a subunit when his treatments backfire to medicament you. No trite businessperson would get a coin unless he makes you more affluent. The fairness is, if I can't help you, it wouldn't be permission to keep hold of a subunit of your funding ...

5. OFFER INSTANT GRATIFICATION: Over the years, we've erudite that when we bidding thing through the mail, it could be an infinity - up to six or viii weeks earlier the product is delivered.

We as well cognise that in this Internet-driven, fast-food society, consumers have come up to lust and even anticipate direct satisfaction.

So if your goods is delivered quickly, why not outcry it from the rooftops?

Sadly, the figure one mistake even top copywriters receive is forgetting to ask their clients "How immediate will new consumers receive their purchases?" - and past featuring this speedily turn-around in their closing mock-up.

One of my clients ships inside 24 hours - so I include a header and telescoped branch of physical structure primer to let my outlook cognize that if he instructions today, he can be enjoying my product's benefits in honorable a few years.

6. ASK FOR THE SALE: It's the oldest guideline in transmit response: When verbal creation your gross revenue copy, ever update your prospect, piecemeal what he essential do to bidding.

Assume he's a three-year-old ...

Just choose up your receiver precisely now and face TOLL-FREE 1-800-000-0000 and say, "I want to weave XYZ for just 29 cents a day - and don't forget to embrace my $902 in sweetener employment and unmarried reports!"

Or, if you prefer, conscionable absolute the Free Gift Certificate on folio 23 of this study and rush back it to me present in the postage-paid answer packet we've provided.

7. PLACE YOUR PROSPECT AT A CROSSROADS: The "Crossroads Close" is an greatly strong instrumentality. It helps button up the settlement by centering the perspective on the finding he's going on for to create. Here's an model ...

In this report, I've shown you how you can almost siamese twin your coins both twelvemonth.

I've offered you property work others pay up to $728 for - FREE ...

I've offered you 6 valuable earnings guides charge $174 - FREE ...

I've invited you to let go fractional - up to $189 - when you to connection me in XYZ investment provision during this Charter Membership period of time ...

I've shown you how you essential be thrilled beside the revenue I carry you, or you're suitable to a 100% repayment ...

Now, the determination is flattering in your safekeeping.

Only one of two things can arise now. Either we'll go on from here together, or you'll go it unsocial.

Either you'll join together me and initiate doubling your income all period resembling our else XYZ members do, or you'll go on to rest for the high speculate and demean returns you're acquiring now.

I desire I could issue the subsequent tactical manoeuvre for you. I can't of course; it's totally up to you.

I urge you: The instrument of punishment I told you more or less today aren't active to time lag for you, me or everyone else. They're instigation to decision now. If you hesitate, it could outgo you a little fortune in proceeds.

Just telephone TOLL-FREE 1-800-000-0000 now and say you'll enrol me in XYZ. That way, I can swell your original circulate and your on the house gifts to you tomorrow, and in a few days, you'll be increasing richer, faster.

Please do it now - there's zero to mislay and extensive new lucre to addition.

Yours for Lower Risk and Greater Profits,


8. LOAD UP ON YOUR P.S.S: Tests have shown that tons prospects want to cognise who your gross sales text is from - so they'll vault finished your income epistle quickly, sounding for the name.

For that reason, the use illegally around the dedication - most prominently your P.S. - occupies a furious locate in your replica.

It's great to bread and butter in nous that prospects who bank check out the signature eldest have not seen the remains of your bootleg - so divulging your terms or new practical negatives present is a formed no-no.

It's besides OK to have a P.S., a P.P.S., even a P.P.P.S - as some as you condition to make somebody believe you scanners to read the textual matter and to have readers to function their advice now.

Here are iv of the furthermost powerful P.S. techniques I've of all time previously owned ...

A. Guarantee Reminder: Simply reiterate your core fortunate thing(s) and your pledge in a little paragraph.

Remember: Either I lookalike your assets in the next 12 months or I'll optimistically send away you a complete discount.

And everything I've conveyed you - plus the $902 in aweigh premium work and gifts I rightful described - are yours to keep, FREE.

There's nada to mislay and everything to increase - so please: Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-000-0000 now.

B. Urgency Motivator:

Early-Bird Bonus - an supplementary $79 Value, FREE: Let me hear from you now, and I'll as well list The #1 Money-Doubling Stock to Buy NOW - my hot-off-the-presses go ahead to my top selection for 2007 ...

This P.S. would after tail next to authoritative gross sales duplicate presenting the benefits delivered by this extramural endowment and asking the potential to give the name now.

C. Testimonial: Select one of your strongest succinct testimonials - one in which the punter relates explicitly how you helped him or her - and use it as a credibility-boosting P.S.

D. Final Rationale: This kindly of P.S. amplifies and intensifies the Crossroads Close you've but utilized above ...

Before you spawn your eventual decision, indulge ask yourself, "What if George is right?"

"How will I be aware of look these instrument of punishment appropriate off close to a satellite colourful - knowing that I blew the accident to doppelganger my plunder in right twelve, brief months?"

I don't privation that for you. Please - your devotion is fully guaranteed - there's simply no origin NOT to endow with XYZ a reasonable try: Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-000-0000 and say you'll associate me today!

Hope this helps ...

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