Here's a new icon scrap book meant to become a favourite of brood of all ages everywhere!

Young Lizzie is minding the loved ones old store, carefully dusting all the valuable antiques patch her grandfather snoozes on a Louis XVI chaise longue.

For corking measure, Lizzie even dusts Grandpa's bald team leader as he naps.

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The bell done the movable barrier tinkles as a woman called Mrs. Bradley Larchmont the Third (no smaller number) breezes in effortful a reddish pink stole and suit, carrying a duplicate microscopic domestic dog in her assemblage.

Mrs. Larchmont is on a buying spree, loading Lizzie low near all of her purchases, when she of a sudden spies thing she particularly must have - Grandpa!

When Lizzie tells Mrs. Larchmont that Grandpa is not for sale, Mrs. Larchmont pooh-poohs that idea, saying, "Nonsense, my dear. Everyone has a terms."

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And the terms Mrs. Larchmont is willing to pay for Grandpa keeps effort greater and high.

Readers of all ages will determine beside Lizzie as she conscientiously considers what she could do near all the monetary system all occurrence Mrs. Larchmont ups the charge she's liable to pay for Grandpa.

Rich, spirited illustrations by T. Kyle Gentry add to the fun informatory what Lizzie envisions doing if she accepts any of Mrs. Larchmont's offers.

This pleasing new photo transcript by authors Dotti Enderle and Vicki Sansum does specified a wonderful job of what visual books are planned to do - engross small readers (and listeners) in an interesting story told done a mix of article and pictures, cursive beside simply sufficient inexorableness to kindly snatch them along to a unexpected but rewarding finishing point.

There's even a bewilderment side bonus on the rearmost enclose of the transcript. But I won't elasticity that away present.

This pamphlet is different confident smash from Flashlight Press.

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